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Sunday, March 6, 2011

steps to completion; a basic birthday card for a family member

Step1 write out the project

Step 2 draw it out on graph paper

Step 3 Drawing out the letter on graph paper, then cut it out and tack it to another piece of graph paper.  I did this so I could re arrange the wording as needed. An added bonus is the reuseable words for other projects in order to save time. I also did this with decorations on the boarders.

This is card stock we had laying around the house I almost got rid of a few months ago. It's good for practice and creating cards on till I can afford better papers/vellum.  This is the very first practice run I have ever done, it's full of mistakes but was great learning experience.  One thing I continue to struggle with is letter spacing.  Also I made the mistake of painting the main letter in first, which I realize now should always be done last. It was salvaged by finishing it out then cutting it out and adding it to the front of the Birthday card as a raised letter. 

I'll post the completed piece later this week. 

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