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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Part two for completing this birthday card

I took this letter from the bible of illuminated letters, then traced it, flipped it over than traced it again.  Finally retracing it onto the card where I wanted it.  You'll notice in a earlier photo I had filled it in using color pencils to determine the color scheme in advance. Afer painting it in the rest of the way I cut it out.  Then used it as a raised letter on the front of the card.

Here's the completed card.
You'll notice a little more spacing in the middle as there's where the crease was.  I don't have a bone knife to create an actual crease so I used a metal ruler and some elbow grease.

Notice on the left hand side I use Uncial hand lettering and it's a total of 7 nib widths, 2 nib widths for the ascenders, 3 nib widths for main lettering, 2 nib widths for the descenders.  I did this inorder to stay consistent through out the piece. Some books recommend 4 nib widths for the main lettering but I found Maryanne Grebensteins book to be the most informative and accurate.

I freehanded the capitol S a few times on a seperate piece in order to get it just right.

You'll notice everything is laid out and pre measured then transferred those measurements over. Even each boarder is 3/4" with the poles being centered.

I used Reeves Gouache(pronounced gwahsh) beginners paint to do this. Each month I order a few more supplies, right now I'm still taking books out regularly from the library and utilizing the interlibrary loans to get what the library doesn't have.

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