An amazing way to preserve thought throughout time and communicate today's issues for all to see tomorrow. What you write today may be studied 1,000 years from now for not only its content but how you communicated it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

This is a basic card I did, to practice I keep writing cards and sending them to people.  As seen I used old english for the capitals above with a silver metalic pen.  I used a black sheffer foutian pen for the bottom letters. The main lettering font is a combination of Unical / Half Unical. 
I'm thinking going forward I will use the same font style all the way through and just enlarge the emphasized letters that I want, thoughts?

This is a multi step process, which I'll be posting for another piece coming up.

the art of hand lettering

After taking a few books out of the library, I have become hooked on the challenge of fine hand lettering.  I have chosen to focus solely on Uncial and Half Uncial alphabets.  I took the letters from both and use a mix of the two that appeal to me most.  If I use the letter A from the Uncial Alphabet, I will consistently apply it through the piece.  I do mix letters styles from both alphabets though.  The most useful book I have bought so far has been Calligrahpy, A course in Hand Lettering by Maryanne Grebenstein.

As I work on future pieces I will attempt to remember to photograph them and post them as I move through the stages to completion.