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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Celtic Design with Christian Prayer

I took inspiration from Celtic designs for this piece.  Used sepia ink for the lettering and a size 3 nib for the Uncial handlettering.  The letter "B" I  created from a design you can find in "Designs from the Book of Kells" which is altered to work in the piece. Her books are very useful as she has a couple books I have learned from.  The boarder was inspired by multiple designs I found using "55 Classic Celtic Boarders"  There are many good Celtic books to learn from about this and a search on will show you many. 

If you interested in calligraphy, my supplies and instructional books come from John Neal Books as you won't be able to get your techinal tools from places like hobby lobby.

Please visit this professional calligraphers webiste  She is an active leader of the Cincinnati calligraphy guild and has many products that are far better then what you find in any mainstream store with comparable prices. 

Consider supporting your local calligrapher and artist in your hometown.  You may be suprised at what you can get.

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