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Friday, October 14, 2011

Mark 1:1-5 Gothic theme boarder

Click on a picture if you would like to zoom in for greater detail.

A Gothic themed manuscript; this was my first attempt at a piece that was 11" x 14".  Turns out the matt frames aren't framed for 11"x 14" the actual working area is 10 1/2 "  x 13 1/2".  The hand lettering was completed with a size 3 nib and H Graham gouache.  Drew the white lines using a Haff Ruling Pen by taking a small amount of white gouache and watering it down to get a just the right consistency.  I found using a ruling pen had more control than a paint brush and it kept the line thickness more consistent for the white lines.

Here's a link to research some Gothic themed Manuscripts:

14th to 15th Century; calender of January

Dominus illumination, a 14th to 15th Century;  Full page of manuscript with historiated initial 'D': David kneels on one knee pointing to a cloud above.

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