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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A farewell retirement card for a friend

This was a fun project I did for friend at work whom retired recently.  Her name started with S and I while haven't perfected humanistic hand lettering I enjoy writing in it very much.  So as much as I butchered the hand lettering the surrounding art work compensated for it. The person whom received the card absolutely loved it. 

The front of the card is three shades of brown that I splattered on using an old tooth brush.  The centered S on the front is actually cut out and elevated on the card.  I used foamy two sided adhesive squares to give it an elevated effect. A while back someone told me to stay away from black and the background of the S is the closest to black I could get by mixing violet and brown. 

Not having done anything Victorian I'd thought I'd dive in and enjoyed the drafting of the card very much.  It was a real challenged getting the spacing right.  Hope you all enjoy this as much as the recipient did.  It may be another two months before I get a chance to post something.

If you enjoy calligraphy as much as I do.  Consider joining a Guild, I'm part of the Nashville Calligraphy Guild and they have been an excellent group of people to meet with.  They offer classes monthly and have activities at each meeting.  Try googling for the one near you or send me an email and I'll attempt to help you locate one near you.

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