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Monday, April 30, 2012

So I've discovered

Here's a neat venue to provide affordable calligraphy from me.  Visit my gigs at send a post card on your behalf in gothic italicized hand lettering. Click the link to see how to I've set my gigs up.   Watch for updates for new idea's and gig's I'll be posting.

Here's the photo's I listed for my gig;

Wish me luck with my new venture so I can earn enough money to purchase books and advanced classes in calligraphy.

Here's a video I made and uploaded to youtube.  I'm no marketing guru, but it's a start.  The first third is an ad, the last 2/3rd's is a sped up video of the hand lettering in action.

Also, this past month I did a card for our secretary at work.  I got carried away with the gilding I learned last month and the boarder design so it's harder to see the "Z".    She loved it anyway!

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